Oversize Permits and Overweight Permits

You must obtain an oversize permit or overweight permit from TxDMV if your vehicle and/or load exceeds Texas legal size and weight limits. Customers may apply for, and self-issue selected single-trip and time-based permits through TxPROS. Selected single-trip permits may be self-issued, provided the user accepts the route generated and the vehicle size/weight does not exceed 16 feet wide, 16 feet 6 inches high, 110 feet long, and 180,000 pounds gross weight.

Width Limit 8', 6" (102").

Height Limit is 14’. For all Length Limits and additional width & height limits see https://www.dps.texas.gov/rsd/vi/height.htm

Weight Limits:

The basis for maximum legal weight is the number of axles and length. See the Permissible Weight Table for weight limits.

How to Order Permits:

  • Online through TxPROS
  • By Phone: call (800) 299-1700

For complete details see: www.txdmv.gov/motor_carrier/overweight_permit/default.htm.