Texas Permits

For vehicles which are not registered under IRP or IFTA, additional permits are required before entering another jurisdiction. Vehicles exceeding limitations on the size and weight also need to obtain a permit.

Texas Trip Permits

To operate in a location which is not registered under IRP, a Texas trip permit must be obtained before entering that jurisdiction. The trip permit is a temporary permit issued in lieu of IRP credentials for properly registered vehicles.

Texas Oversize Permits and Overweight Permits

If a vehicle is over dimensional (oversize) or overweight, they need to have a permit authorizing movement according to vehicle size and weight.

You must obtain an oversize permit or overweight permit from TxDMV if your vehicle and/or load exceeds Texas legal size and weight limits. Customers may apply for, and self-issue selected single-trip and time-based permits through TxPROS.

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Texas Temporary Permits

Customers may use 72-Hour or 144-Hour temporary registration if the vehicle is not registered or the vehicle is properly registered in an IRP state without Texas listed.

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